CCA - Co Curricular Activities 

Undoubtedly De Paul School Madhavgarh Satna lays great emphasis on co-curricular (Co-Scholastic) activities. The activities are enlisted as follows : 
  1. House Division – four groups- Red- Blue- Green & Yellow (Honesty, Discipline, Regularity & Integrity)tems (Linguistic )
  2. Sports & Games competitions
  3. Inter School competition and Inter De Paul Schools competitions.
  4. Dynamic Clubs – Elocution, Debate, GK, Eco (Tarumitra), Dance, Music, Cleanliness & Drama.
  5. Scout & Guides – Each depaulian is trained in literary, cultural, sporting, gaming skills. Our aim is the well balanced integral growth of all students- development in body, mind and spirit.
  6. Competitive Exams & Career Guidance .
  7. Physical Training, Drills, Informative & Colourful Morning Assembly.