Vision & Mission

"Learning to transform through high human values to the heights of excellence, with a difference!"

Inculcating in students an understanding, appreciation of our cultural heritage and instilling social and moral values through quality-based, morally and spiritually knit teaching-learning process, bringing out wholesome transformation (on the taught) rather than information alone. 
Helping to evolve right thinking minds by developing capacity of students think, write , speak and express, by assimilating values through value-based activities, deliberate interactions with people and environments pro-actively, instead of reacting negatively. 
The school provides modern educational initiation, laying stress on ethical valise and houses a pleasant learning experience through play-way method to create awareness with rich experience. Development of mind and body of the child is our priority. It tries to provide excellent quality-oriented initiation in schooling, golden opportunities to enjoy learning. 

Objectives :

  • To nurture and develop sound moral values.
  • To provide all round quality learning atmosphere.
  • To provide not just information (textbook based) but the transformation of the entire person through individual formation.
  • To equip each student with life skills, social, emotional, mental, reasoning, cultural and psychological skills.
  • To form each student as responsible contributing citizens of tomorrow.
  • To prepare each student to face the competitive world confidently to aspire for a well settled life.
  • To inspire the society and world at large as agents of change for good.
  • To form each student god-fearing and respect for elders and youngsters.