Our School follow CBSE curriculum from Class I onwards. NCERT books have been introduced from Class VI. The textbooks have been well chosen from a wide range of books to ensure and enhance academic standard. Based on curriculum, there are four formative assessments and two summative assessments in a session. Internal assessment forms an integral part of our evaluation method. The final aggregate is ascertained and grades are awarded accordingly

Physical Education :

De Paul School believes that sound mind can be housed only in a sound physique. Hence physical training of all students is held in high esteem. Morning assembly, one of its unique features in De Paul coupled with wide variety of physical exercises and drills. This keeps all focused and fit as fiddle. 

PT display organized from time to time speaks volumes of De Paul School. Regular physical exercises, sports-games, fitness testing, stamina building, mapping of weight-height etc are some routine stuff. De Paul Band Team always outsmarts in its performance with great precision.