Principal’s Messages

Discerning the educational need and demand of Madhavgarh Satna and adjoining areas, it was back in 2006 De Paul School set its footing in this rich soil. This year it is the 10th year of her existence.

Over these years De Paul school catered ensured quality, all around education to the children who come to her doorsteps. Still the process of imparting excellent education goes on. 

Excellence is the key and motto of De Paul. De Paul strives to excel in everything she does. Our school is undoubtedly very unique from other schools as it primarily aims at character formation of the taught based on sound values prior to academic excellence. The school is run by Fathers of San Thome Vincentian Society collaborated by Reverend Sisters of Adoration Congregation. St Vincent de Paul is our Patron Saint who is known as the Universal Patron for all educational and charitable activities. 

De Paul School has been branched out into various parts of India and abroad. Believe it or not, in the field of education we are one of the pioneers and experts. Imparting all around/wholesome education has always been our challenge as well as pleasant outcome. 

The school hails a committed as well as dedicated staff, which is the key to our daily success. Parents are our backbone and every child that comes to De Paul is special and unique. The school follows CBSE pattern hence a greater emphasis is being laid on English speaking in the school campus and also teaching-learning in English environment. Discipline is always our strength, paving way for responsible freedom coupled with innovativeness and creativity. 

It has been an immense pleasure to maneuver the ship De Paul for the last one year.Besides many years of rich experience in De Paul Schools with marked competency, a five year Australian experience lately adds a feather in the cap. My sincere thanks go to former Principals/Headmistress, Sr Roseline, Sr Lee Rose and Sr Jolly, past managers, Fr. Abraham, Fr Jose, Fr Michael and Fr Paul for making De Paul what it is today. 

Parents, East or West, De Paul is the best. Choose and ensure a bright future for your children by enrolling them in De Paul. Quality is our guarantee with your valued co-operation. 

Sr. Ansamma P.V